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▷ Complaint/Appeals

1) Should any participant have a grievance regarding the administration or instruction of any course conducted, appeal against examination results or complaint against any other aspect of the Company operations, the participant should immediately inform the operation manager in writing on GCT-QF-18.

2) Should the participant be dissatisfied with the outcome, he/she may advise the operation manager in writing who is to also investigate the matter further. Any complaint or appeal against the training can be submitted by the Customer Complaint Report (GCT-QF-18) or www.gcerti.com notification notes or by e-mail to gcerti@gcerti.com. All complaints shall be an input to management review.

3) Should the participant still be dissatisfied, he/she should be advised that the matter may be referred through normal channels to the Secretariat of Exemplar Global for auditing courses. And the complaint or appellant has the right to appeal against the result to Exemplar Global directly.

4) GCERTI notify each complainant or appellant in writing of the result of any complaint or appeal submitted and of the right to appeal against the result to Exemplar Global

5) The Company’s Non conformance Reporting and Corrective Action procedures are to be used to facilitate the investigation.

6) Records of all complaints and appeals are retained on the relevant Course File.

7) GCERTI shall maintain records of all complaints and appeals, and of their resolution.

8) GCERTI shall conduct the satisfaction survey to the candidates when a training course is finished, and it shall be recorded on Course Evaluation Form (GCT-QF-10).


Complaint Form

Please send to : gcerti@gcerti.com
For a customer complaint or an appeals, you can always use in free of charge any time, convenintly.